Six Word Saturday: At a Wedding

Six Word Saturday:

At the wedding of our friends.

Man And Woman At Sunset

“Man And Woman At Sunset” by kongsky /

OK so I’ve scheduled this post because we’ll be out partying and I don’t expect to be updating my blog at the time. Remember a couple of weeks ago I was out at the hen do, well this is the wedding afterwards. It promises to be a good night, not sure yet if I’ll have any photos to show you.

If you can please check out this project – Matthew is from my hometown. Matthew has Autism. Matthew has a big birthday coming up & Matthew likes collecting postcards from around the world. Can you write a postcard for Matthew to read on his birthday please? Contact details can be obtained via the Facebook page set up for this project.

Happy Saturday everyone!


8 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: At a Wedding

  1. I belong to a Facebook group called Friday Postcards (lots of travel writers are members), so I have posted the link to Matthew’s page – and hopefully he’ll get a few from our group too!

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