Six Word Saturday: Cheese Tower

Six Word Saturday:

Cheese tower instead of wedding cake.cheese tower wedding cake

I mentioned in yesterday’s post about traditions that the wedding that we went to last weekend had a cheese tower instead of a wedding cake, which piqued some interest from Poppytump in particular. The couple that were married really have a thing for cheese, so I wasn’t all that surprised when I heard that they were having a cheese tower instead of a wedding cake. It was absolutely delicious and the perfect way to personalise their special day.

Happy Saturday everyone!


28 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Cheese Tower

  1. Hi Georgia 🙂 thanks for that – you were VERY quick off the mark !
    Isn’t that wonderful ! I’m not a cheese aficionado so I’m not able recognise all the varieties but mmmm I imagine it wouldn’t have stayed ‘towering’ like that for long 😉

    • A pleasure Poppy, I hadn’t actually thought of a 6 word post until you wanted to see the cheese so you gave me an idea, thank you. I’m not either, though I think the bottom wheel was either a camembert or brie (I can’t really tell the difference to be honest), and I recall the top one being a nice goats cheese. Other than that I’d guess that the yellow one was a cheddar but that is because I don’t know many other cheese varieties. No clue about the others.

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