Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday:

Last night of winter night shelter

snowing again

This winter, as for last winter, I have volunteered at the winter night shelter and tonight is the last night as winter is supposed to be over. The shelter only runs during the winter-time due to funding and winter being the time when people with nowhere else to go most need a warm place to sleep for the night. We will try to have a celebratory feel at the shelter tonight but I can’t help but feel sad at the bleakness of the weather forecast for the next few days knowing that our guests will be back out in it.

weather forecast

Snapshot taken from this morning

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16 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Well that would not be the case here, we had way below zero too many evenings in a row. Perhaps not tonight but it still was only 34 degrees in the sunshine today! Yikes winter go away! May those in need of comfort find it.

  2. good on you for doing this Georgia…it seems a little premature to close when the weather is still so cold…how sad that money makes that happen…or rather the lack of money

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