Sunday Post: Sentimental Value

I know it is just a mug, but this particular mug has sentimental value to me. I bought it as a commemoration of our visit to the Statue of Liberty  (as you can see) and our “honeymoon” in New York. It was also one of the first purchases that I made since moving to the northern hemisphere and I very carefully carted it back to London via Prague. If it ever breaks I will be most upset.

Statue of Liberty mug

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Sentimental Value

  1. That is a lovely remembrance, Georgia. Thanks for sharing the story of how you got it and why it is so precious to you. I lived in NYC for the first 25 years of my life…and climbed the endless steps of the Statue of Liberty many times…quite awe-inspiring.:) Congrats on almost 5 years!

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