Six Word Saturday: Looking Sharp

Six Word Saturday:

Vision with new lens is amazing.

eye chart

“Eye Testing Board” by digitalart /

Every time I get a new contact lens I get this same feeling of suddenly having super-power like vision. It’s not that I really do have instantly brilliant eyesight with a new lens, more that it is so much better than it was prior to the new lens and it is really noticeable to me.

This time is a bit different though – long term readers may remember that I had a corneal transplant mid-2013. Before the operation when I wasn’t wearing a contact lens in that eye, I wasn’t able to work out the largest letter on the eye chart and was only mildly confident of the number of fingers being held in front of my face as an alternative vision test.

The operation was successful and the stitches came out about 6 months ago, since then I’ve been able to see reasonably well unaided but not well enough to drive or read small print.

After a couple of months of healing I visited my optometrist to try to improve this vision – I had hoped to be able to wear glasses but the astigmatism was still too great to be corrected this way so I got a soft contact lens next. This was not giving me fantastic vision (although still better than I’d ever had before) and my very persistent optometrist wasn’t happy either so now I have a special  post-graft hard lens and OMG it is amazing!

My left eye now has 6/9 vision. This means that if I can stand 6 metres away from something and still read it, a normal person with average vision can stand 9 metres away and still read it. I have never been this close to average before and I have to say that it feels great.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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