Six Word Saturday: Fire Drill

Six Word Saturday:

Lucky it wasn’t the real thing.

Emergency Exit Sign

“Emergency Exit Sign” by artur84 /

We had an evacuation drill this week at school – you know, where you take nothing with you and leave immediately to go to the meeting point as quickly as possible. As the responsible teacher I had to make sure that all my students left the room and be the last one out. If it had been the real thing we would’ve had flames all around us, while I waited for one of my least favourite students to refuse to follow the instruction to get up and go, and instead stand there and pack his bag up one item at a time. So I’m relieved that it wasn’t the real thing this time.

Happy Saturday everyone!


24 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Fire Drill

  1. In my day, that would’ve meant a few cuts of the cane!
    I know those days of disciplining students are over, and that in itself is not a bad thing.
    But what a frustration! I think I would’ve been thinking some very, very bad thoughts.
    Well done for your calm and tolerance 😉

      • Goodness yes! The cane was the preferred form of discipline for some of our teachers.

        Ooh, some of the things we used to get up to 😉 I remember not being able to sit down for a week at a time! LOL.

  2. Somebody stumbled & fell against the fire alarm switch 2 weeks ago at work, causing an evacuation in near sub-zero weather. Almost no one was dressed for it, and even though they got us back inside ASAP, it was not a pretty sight.

  3. Let’s hope when it’s the real deal, he hurries up. Then it will be either your boot or the flames scorching his butt. He has no right endangering lives of others.
    Have a safe weekend 🙂

  4. It is the hardest thing to get them to follow an instruction – especially when it concerns their safety. There was a time when we had the real thing and the children seemed to know – instructions were followed swiftly and no-one dallied to pick up their jackets and personal items.

  5. I’m always harping on kids about coming to the library in their stocking feet. I’ve had to deal with kids, during evacuations in the middle of winter in sub zero temperatures, who had no shoes on their feet and they ended up standing on my feet to keep from having to touch the snow.

  6. Sounds like that student needs to see a video, or maybe six of those that didn’t make it out of a real fire, and then one where the folks made it out, safely, and were able to buy new junk to hang on to! Sadly, sometimes lessons learned are so IMPORTANT!

  7. I had similar experience this week, with a student who left me when I went back to get the emergency bag during a tornado drill. He headed downstairs with his regular class, and luckily was easily found. 😉

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