Sunday Post: Delicious

This week’s Sunday Post theme is Delicious, and boy do some other people’s posts make me hungry – check them out at Jake Sprinter’s page

This was my dinner last night, cooked by my other half. It was a totally delicious low carb meal including seasoned salmon steak and my current favourite side dish of bean sprouts with bacon. Garnished with the gorgeous plum tomatoes, avocado and a little sauerkraut for good measure. Delicious!

What is your favourite food?

14 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Delicious

    • Whoope, this went into my spam folder for some reason… Yes my other half is shortly going to publish a bunch of recipes with some great photos. I’ll send you the link when it is live.

      • Please do – and post it up. I will be sure to spread it around 🙂

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