Muscle pain

Six Word Saturday:

Football game leaves me in pain.

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Yesterday I played a game of football (soccer) for the first time in, well, ever.

Today I have a bit of muscle soreness and I’m expecting that tomorrow I will barely be able to move, the second day afterwards is always the worst, isn’t it?

I had always meant to go along to the staff social football games at my last school but was a little scared of being the only female player and not being able to keep up with the men. But this week I decided that I ought to be doing more physical activity and I needed a chance to meet more people at my new school, so I went along to Friday Football and had a blast.

As soon as a ball came towards me during our warm-up kick around I had memories flooding back from high school PE classes where we were taught how to stop the ball as well as to kick the ball with the inside of the foot, as it is much less painful than using the top of the foot. Now that I think about it, I do remember going with a school group to a one-off girls only soccer tournament, but as our school didn’t actually have a girls soccer team it was mostly made up from the hockey team and anyone else who was game. My ball skills were so poor that I played goal-keeper for the whole day.

Is there something you are scared of but want to try?

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12 thoughts on “Muscle pain

  1. Good for you for joining up for some fun to meet some new folks and get a bit of exercise! I’m sure you are mighty sore today, but the next game will be a bit easier. Sounds like you had a good time!

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