Red sky at night

Six Word Saturday:

One week of real summer weather

Want to play along? All that’s necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.

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Red sky at night; shepherds delight,
Red sky in the morning; shepherds warning

There seem to be a few variations on this rhyme involving sailors, fishermen or farmers but they all have a commonality of red skies being delighted in at night, yet heeded in the morning. This week we had some lovely red sunsets so everyone should’ve been quite happy.

According to the BBC News Magazine site this phrase is not just folklore, but meteorological fact that a red sunset is associated with fine weather:

Deep red sunsets are often associated with dry, settled weather and high pressure. A deep red sunset may indicate a prolonged spell of good weather. But the key sign is in the red sky around the sun – and not the colour of the cloud itself.

Summer had finally arrived in London, putting on a great show for all of the tourists and athletes arriving for the Olympics just begun. The locals also enjoyed the mid to high twenty degree (Celcius) sunshine with BBQ’s, walks in the park or simply just finding somewhere to lay for hours in the sun, and they have the sunburn to prove it. It was nice while it lasted.

Now, we have returned already to the usual grey skies and higher possibility of rain. I just hope that it doesn’t rain all through the Olympics and Paralympics.

What do you like to do in summer?

22 thoughts on “Red sky at night

    • Yes, we’ve had a rather cool day in London today too with a bit of rain, which you may have seen if you have been watching the Olympics. I’m also hopeful of more nice days 🙂

    • Thanks Wayne, so far so good. I ventured out yesterday and blended in amongst the many tourists with my camera. It was not as crazy busy as I expected, maybe that won’t last? Yes, I hope the good weather returns too!

    • There have been a few nice ones this week but I was particularly chuffed with this photo that captured the complete redness right across the sky.

    • Ah that is a shame that you missed out up there as we really did have some lovely weather in the south, some of my friends were saying it was like being abroad. I’ve just worked out the ‘featured image’ feature of WordPress so that means I can change the header for each post, using the featured image in my post 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting Linda, yes the Olympics are rather exciting.
      How do you stay cool when it gets so hot in Kansas? When we lived in Australia we had a freezer full of icy-poles to cool down with.

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