Sunday Post: Favourite Spot

This week’s Sunday Post from Jake Sprinter is about favourite places.

Just a few days ago I posted my favourite images for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, including a beautifully red summer sunset, taken from my favourite location – my balcony, with views of the River Thames and towards central London. My balcony is a place where I have taken many many photos. Don’t panic, I haven’t uploaded all of them.

In summer there are often river events and races, making the Thames a hive of activity.

As the temperatures cool and autumn sets in, the river is much less busy.

In winter time the river gets very quiet as everyone retreats indoors.As the spring weather becomes more favourable there are more and more tourist boats coming past every day.

We get to see some fantastic sunsets from the balcony.

Sometimes visitors try to sneak past quietly.

Other visitors can’t help but announce their arrival and can awaken you from sleep at any hour.Where is your favourite spot? 

32 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Favourite Spot

  1. I am disorientated. Both the Shard and the Gherkin look as though they are on the same side of the river, but they aren’t… And if I can see both of those, why can’t I see St Paul’s?

    • We are near Canary Wharf, but around the bend in the river, so effectively south-east of central London. St Paul’s isn’t as tall as the Shard or the Gherkin (or perhaps it is further away from us as the crow flies) so it isn’t as obvious but if you look closely in my spring photo, the dome is pretty much right in the centre.

    • Yes it was amazing, brilliant clouds helped with the effect. I haven’t seen that before, or since actually but we often get some lovely colours. Thanks for visiting Gemma

  2. If I had your balcony on the Thames, that would be my favorite spot, too. How wonderful, and what gorgeous pics you can get from there (as the others have said, that sunset is stunning). Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian) for following my blog. I’m reciprocating with pleasure.

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