Six Word Saturday: Migraine

Six Word Saturday:

Had my first migraine this week.


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Well, I’m not entirely sure that it was a migraine but I am fairly convinced. I had a headache that was not affected by the strongest painkillers I had to hand and I felt nauseous. I know that often migraine sufferers need to get away from light and sound but mine wasn’t that bad. And I was at work so I continued on with my day, albeit a little slower and dopier than usual, which others would not have been able to do. I did do some googling at work and found out that starchy foods could be of some assistance so I quickly decided to abandon my salad lunch that day in favour of rice with a little curry. I’m all good now, and hopefully it doesn’t happen again. If it does I’ve stocked up on aspirin, which my mother insists is to be taken in relatively large doses at the first sign of a migraine. I’m sure everyone has their own best remedy, what is yours?

Happy Saturday everyone!


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