Small Stones #14: Snow!

snow on leavesThe first thing I do when I got up this morning was to look out the window and get excited to see tiny snowflakes in the bright spaces under the street lamps. My focus shifts, a thin layer of snow on our balcony table, not much and I know it won’t stay long so I quickly grab my camera. I’m thrilled later when snow continues to fall during the working day. I look out the window frequently and smile warmly to myself. Not cool enough to settle, my urge for snow has been mildly satisfied. My colleagues think I’m mad, they consider it an inconvenience. I still love it.jan13large


6 thoughts on “Small Stones #14: Snow!

  1. Yeah! I’m happy you got some snow! It is always fun to watch it fall, especially if you are inside where it is nice and warm. Enjoy it and stay safe.

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