Sunday Post: People

In this week’s Sunday Post Jake challenged us to show people in a mass or assembly.

One our last day in Seville, Spain, we visited the Giralda Cathedral, which we had already walked around the outside of several times in our few short days there. It felt like all the other people also visiting Seville had had the same idea, so the queue was very long.

Thankfully, it didn’t take as long as I expected to get to the front of the queue.Crowds of people is the main reason why we don’t take organised tours whilst traveling. This scene in Rabat, Morocco, was much more pleasant after this horde of people left.

Come and join the gang over at Jake’s page and see who else other bloggers are hanging out with.

24 thoughts on “Sunday Post: People

  1. Your header isn’t showing up, Georgia? Don’t know if it’s just a problem with my reader, as nobody else has commented. I just have the empty box with the red cross in the corner- shame!

    • Thanks Jo, that is most odd. I have removed the ‘featured image’ which may have fixed the problem. It was looking fine in two browsers for me but not in Firefox. It’s all fine for me now, hopefully for you too?

  2. Georgia…don’t think I have ever visited your blog before…thank goodness for Jake’s Sunday Post…I meet the nicest people. 🙂 It amazes me that people were able to construct these awesome cathedrals so many years ago without the technology of today! GREAT photos! I’m following your blog now…hope you will come and visit mine:

  3. I’m with you – I don’t like organized tours, although sometimes it is the best way to see things. When in Rabat we were in one of those huddling hoards, albeit on the fringes, trying to dissassociate ourselves. 🙂

    • This is true Lynne, sometimes an organised tour is the best way to see things, I’d say when you don’t know the language and there are no signs or anything translated for you.

  4. Beautiful shots of the cathedral.
    I’m a typical Pisces (two fish going in opposite directions) when it comes to the question of organized tours. For photography purposes, I prefer fewer people in my shots, but on a recent tour of Turkey, I learned so much from the excellent guide. I would never have been able to cover so much of the country and learn so much about its history without that organized tour. And the other people on the tour were so much fun. I found ways to get the shots I wanted both with and without lots of people in them.

    • Ah yes, I totally agree. Organised tours can be so informative but we’ve been on a couple (and seen others) that you end up being taken from shop to shop instead of spending the time seeing and learning about interesting things, which is the main reason we have been put off them I think.

      • I’ve heard about those. Perhaps it depends on the tour company. We went with Insight Tours for Turkey. Please tell, which companies should we avoid?

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