Six Word Saturday: Grateful

Six Word Saturday:

So grateful for our healthcare purple cast

I’ve never broken a bone before, I guess there is a first time for everything. It was two weeks ago today that I slipped and fell on concrete with my hand outstretched behind me to break my fall. I was probably in shock but I didn’t feel much pain at the time so continued about my day. Later that night while having dinner on the couch with my love the pain grew and grew. I was convinced though that it could only be a bad sprain and that I’d sleep it off. However, it was just as painful the next day so we went to the emergency room. They did an X-ray and couldn’t find anything wrong but bandaged me up anyway to help with the pain. I visited my Doctor a couple of days later who said that if the pain had decreased I could remove the splint and that it can take up to two weeks for a fracture to be visible on an X-ray, he then sent me for another one anyway. Although the second X-ray was also normal, when I returned to the hospital for a follow up appointment they were concerned about the amount of pain I still had so insisted on putting me back into a cast and arranged for an MRI, which I had on Thursday and confirmed that I have in fact fractured my radius bone. At this stage I don’t yet know how long I have to wear the cast for but I’m glad I got to choose a cool colour. I’m particularly grateful for our medicare system which means that with all of these appointments and scans I have not been financially ruined by my accident, so far it has only cost me $15 for the upgrade from a plaster cast to a a lighter (and brighter) synthetic cast.

Happy Saturday everyone!


19 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Grateful

  1. I know how bad this is, dear Georgia, a few years ago I had the same and with the same reason too. I hope and wish to get well soon, For me, it was the hardest part after taking the bandage, etc. to start to move again… But it got well soon too. Love, nia

      • Dear Georgia, mine was very bad because first of all I should say, in that time I wasn’t (couldn’t) take any medicine because of my allergy of medicine. This is another story but when my bone was broken, in the hospital (we were at the agegean coast village) doctor tried to to encase in plaster! You can guess how painfull to do this for me. So when we came back to the city (Istanbul) we went to another doctor. He told us it was done wrong. So, eveerything started again. Another painful time for me. So, my recovery took a few months. But after taking off this plaster, I did exercises everyday, it gives pain but I should have done this. Your won’t be like me. Will be recovery soon. Don’t worry for this. Mine was left hand and I use my right hand usually. So it went slowly for this too mine. You are welcome, love, nia

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