Six Word Saturday: New haircut

Six Word Saturday:

Went to visit my old new haircut

I had been going to see a hairdresser in my local shopping mall but noticed a few months ago, on a day when they should’ve been open and busy, when I walked past on unrelated business that it was all closed up and dark. As a result I haven’t had my hair cut for several months, only trying out other hairdressers in the same mall to get my fringe (bangs) trimmed periodically. I didn’t really like any of the other hairdressers so just let my hair grow and kept getting my fringe trimmed. I had kept in contact with my old hairdresser from long ago thanks to Facebook and noticed that recently she has been advertising more and trying to build up her own business. The difficulty is that she lives in my hometown, while I live 2 hours flight away. Gladly, I’m home for a visit this week and thought it was a good time to catch up with her and I’m so glad that I did. What do you think?

Happy Saturday everyone.


18 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: New haircut

  1. Looks really good! I think people underestimate the relationship you can have with a good hairdresser. I used to drive miles across the Home Counties following one particularly skilled one as he kept changing salons.

  2. A Polish hairdresser in the hotel where I was staying made me look great, once. The rest of the time I’m just me. 🙂 Nice to see a close up, Georgia. Happy weekend to you!

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