Six Word Saturday: Need a new phone

Six Word Saturday:

Dead phone writes off my weekend.

girl with phone

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I’m still sick so I was really hoping to have a quiet weekend sitting on the couch and finishing my book. However, this morning my phone turned itself off and won’t turn back on even though the battery is full. I took the bus up to our local shopping centre and walked the length of every level, stopping at each of the mobile phone repair stores to find out if it is repairable. Nope, ‘software problem, can’t be fixed’ is what they all said.  So then I walked the length of every level again looking for mobile phone stores. They each recommended the same model as a replacement so that is one decision made, but now I have to figure out whether to buy it outright or go on a plan. If I go on a plan, which plan and with which carrier? Once I decide I’ll have to go back tomorrow to make a purchase, thank goodness for Sunday trading.

UPDATE:  When I called my other half to tell him I was about to spend lots of money on a new phone (he’s away this weekend) he said to wait and told me what to type into Google and I found a solution. It was unconventional to be sure but hitting my phone near the power button has revived it and saved me several hundred dollars! Yay for the internet.

Happy Saturday everyone.


19 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Need a new phone

    • Yes I know, but actually all my research wasn’t in vain, I found a service to switch to which is cheaper than what I’m currently paying with better network coverage

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