Six Word Saturday: Sick again

Six Word Saturday:

I don’t like being sick again.


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OK, so it’s not like it was just yesterday that I was sick with the flu – it was more like 6 weeks ago I think. And it is winter still, just. But seriously, why so soon?! I woke up with a terribly sore throat yesterday, which is normally the beginnings of a cold or flu for me. So far, it is still just a sore throat with swollen glands and a bit of lethargy so I hope it doesn’t develop into a full blown flu again, that really wouldn’t be fair.

Happy Saturday everyone.


17 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Sick again

  1. Stopping by from Six Word Saturday. Hope it is just a quick passing bug. I had a horrible case of Strep a month or so ago and it was miserable! Being sick is no good…

  2. I was sick this winter. First time in 10 years! I’ve had a few little colds in that 10 years but no stay at home in bed kinda sick. Bummer that you are having your second bout this year! Hope it is just a 24 hour bug.

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