Six Word Saturday: Busy Saturday

Six Word Saturday:

Ramen followed by a great show.ramen noodles

It is still Saturday here, although not for much longer. I had a rather busy day for a Saturday beginning with a massage, then some Wing Chun training although somehow in between the two I hurt my back so I didn’t really do much training. I ran some errands then had coffee with a friend and her daughter. Later I went out with some other friends for dinner and a show. The photo of my dinner was the only photo I remembered to take today but it was quite a pretty dinner I think. After noodles we went to see the complete works of William Shakespeare, abridged. It was a very entertaining show, I’m not sure if my favourite part was all of the comedies rolled into one or all the kings playing a game of football.

Happy Saturday everyone, it’s very late here so I’m off to bed.


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