Six Word Saturday: FitBit

Six Word Saturday:

I can now track almost everything.fitbit

My other half got himself a FitBit a few weeks ago and raves about all the data he is able to track now, particularly the number of steps he does each day. I became more and more curious about how many steps I do in a day and starting thinking of my exercise sessions in terms of how happy my FitBit would be with me if I had my own tracker. So when my other half still had loads of credit card loyalty points to spend and offered to get me one too I decided to take the plunge. I’m not going to make my target number of steps today since I began using it well after midday and then had a nap but it will be interesting to track my movements, particularly on work days when I make frequent trips between buildings at school.

Happy Saturday everyone!


21 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: FitBit

      • You definitely inspired me! I bought a Garmin Vivofit — having decide fed on a fitbit then having a last minute change of mind in the shop. I’m really enjoying it and noticing I’m making a real effort to move more. No more grabbing armfuls of stuff to make one trip upstairs, and I’ve started playing more upbeat music and dancing more.

      • Good on you Su. Right now I’m walking in circles around the lounge room to fit in some more steps before I go to bed tonight

      • Love it! I walked out to my partner’s office instead of phoning him a couple of times this morning. I’m not sure he’s that impressed, but hey … 🙂

  1. oh damn now I want one too. On lawn mowing days (the first seven days of every week) this would be either totally overwhelming or encouraging to know i had yes, indeedy, walked the equivalent of two miles…

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