Six Word Saturday: Rugged Up

Six Word Saturday:

Everyone’s all rugged up for Vivid.rugged up at Vivid

It was a last minute decision to go into the city to see the Vivid light festival tonight – it was a good night for it, not too cold and no hint of rain so there were loads of people out and about. Even though it is not yet properly winter in Sydney everyone was rugged up to keep the cold at bay. It is late and I must sleep now but I’ll go through my photos tomorrow and hopefully some of them will be worth posting.

Happy Saturday everyone!


12 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Rugged Up

  1. I’m with the other non-Aussies: “rugged up” is a new one for me, too, but one that I’ll definitely be using when the seasons turn. Thanks.

  2. I am not near enough to Sydney to see it in person, but did get a glimpse on TV last night. 🙂

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