Six Word Saturday: Limes

Six Word Saturday:

I’m making lime marmalade again tomorrow.limes

You may remember that I had a holiday recently in my hometown spending time with family and meeting my sister’s new baby. At the same time, my other half also visited his family and returned with another load of limes so I’m using them to make marmalade.

It’s nice to have a relatively quite weekend at home after such a hectic week. School returned this week after two weeks holidays, it was good to go back to a routine but it was like we’d never left. Sydney had some massive storms this week too, which meant that everything was wet, and in some cases blown away.

Today is Anzac Day, an important day for Australia. You can read about the occasion here.

Happy Saturday everyone!


23 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Limes

  1. Oh wow! You are so lucky. My lime tree in phoenix is nothing like as full of fruit as the adjacent citrus- lemons, oranges and grapefruit. This is despite having a huge amount of flowers. Very jealous 🙂

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