Six Word Saturday: Busyness

Six Word Saturday:

It’s that time of term again.

Image by Stuart Miles /

Image by Stuart Miles /

It was bound to happen after I had such a lovely quiet weekend last weekend that I have to work quite a bit of this weekend. I normally don’t do any of my work-work at home, partly because I just can’t concentrate and get it done as efficiently as I do at work, and partly because I like my weekends. But it’s come to the busy time of term again when everyone has had assessments and of course they need to be marked with a deadline for parent-teacher interviews early this week. I also gave my senior class a trial exam so that I could give them feedback on how they were answering questions before they have their final exam next week. It’s a busy time of term and I don’t normally work on weekends but this weekend I just have to put my head down and get it done.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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