Six Word Saturday: Bus Fail

Six Word Saturday:

When the bus just doesn’t arrive.bus stop

My day was fairly well scheduled today, including some weekend tasks that I both wanted and needed to do but it was all complicated by not having a car for the weekend. My other half has taken our car away, this happens semi-regularly and I’m fine with it, really. We live where we do because we have fairly good access to public transport and only one car between the two of us so on the weekends that I’m car-less I have a little less flexibility but I can still go out if I want to. Today however, there was trackwork on our train line so a rail replacement bus service was in place. It meant that the first journey of my day took about an hour, when I usually drive it in 15 minutes. I wasn’t bothered as I’ve recently started reading a new book and was quite engrossed in the story, but it did make me think I needed to allow some extra time for the next journey to get to my appointment in time.

The second journey involved a rail replacement bus (express this time, rather than all stops, thankfully) a train and then another bus. I have a nifty app on my phone which told me which bus stop to find and included a count down for when my bus was due to arrive. I watched it change from two minutes to go, then one minute and then I noticed some fellow travelers getting restless, like me, keenly watching for the bus to swing around the corner. We waited and watched, and watched and waited. Some people double checked that they were are the correct bus stop and checked their phones and watches again. After another five minutes when the app on my phone had started to countdown until the next bus 40 minutes away I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer. The bus that never arrived had been scheduled perfectly to get me to my appointment that I didn’t want to be late for so I ended up taking a taxi to get there in time.

The two-bus journey to get home was easy in comparison, with friendly drivers, glorious air conditioning and some more time to catch up on my reading.

Happy Saturday everyone!


15 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Bus Fail

  1. Oh, the joys of public transport! Especially when a train breaks down on the line. I hate having to rely on it. But have to say that my experience on the Australian system was very good!

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