Six Word Saturday: Serenity

Six Word Saturday:

Nothing exciting to report this week.landscape

This week has been very much a stock standard, normal week. Nothing terribly exciting has happened to tell you about. Work has been busy, but that’s nothing new. My Zumba class was rescheduled from Tuesday to Wednesday, which didn’t throw my weekly routine around too much. I got my car serviced, not really newsworthy although it didn’t cost as much as I was expecting which is a good thing. I was hoping to be able to pick up my new contact lens today, which would’ve been very exciting, but it isn’t ready yet. Oh, I did try a new recipe last Sunday when I made mulled pears, but I’m leaving them to mull a bit longer before I try them so I won’t rave about how great they are yet. And we did get new cutlery, but I don’t know how to make that exciting for anyone reading this.

Now, I’m enjoying the serenity of a quiet weekend home alone. Happy Saturday everyone!


27 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Serenity

  1. this post was actually really cute because you took the mundane and added your humor – softly that is. and what a cool photo – that is really what brought me here – so neat that tree with all that tasty back stuff.

    • Our cutlery was well overdue for replacing, we had been using a set with plastic handles and they were gradually falling apart as they obviously weren’t coping with being washed by the dishwasher. Oh well, we have grown up stainless steel cutlery now 🙂

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