Six Word Saturday: Hot!

Six Word Saturday:

That was one extremely hot week!very hot

I’m still on holidays in my home town, I hadn’t expected to be here so long but I’m enjoying relaxing and catching up with family and friends. The sun has been shining fiercely and although I haven’t been spending much time outside my skin has tanned a little. We’ve had a heatwave this week and one newspaper headline says we are the hottest capital in the world. I drove past a cafe that has an electronic temperature display (photographed above), I stopped for a double take because it was over 45°C but by the time I got out of the car to take a photo it was down to 44.6°C – that’s 112°F – crazy hot! Thankfully the cool change has come in now and the garden is enjoying some rain this weekend.

Happy Saturday everyone!


14 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Hot!

  1. I just wilt in hot weather! 45C is the highest temp I have ever experienced, and it was in Spain. I remember dragging terribly. A beach helps, and so does the joy of being at home with family and friends. Best wishes for the New Year, Georgia!

    • Oh yes, Spain was very hot too. I think it was easier in my hometown because I didn’t have to be out and about looking at things for only a limited time. And I could just put the air conditioner on 🙂

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