Six Word Saturday: Sunset

Six Word Saturday:

Home town sunsets are the best.sunset

I’m still on holidays so I’m visiting my home town and enjoying catching up with various family and friends and it is just wonderful to be here. I caught this sunset on my phone on New Years Day. We’re having a very hot week so I’m also trying to stay cool and not get sunburnt.

Happy Saturday everyone!


20 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Sunset

    • Thanks Judy, the sun is very powerful at the moment, I just realised I’m getting tanned just from walking between the air conditioned house and the air conditioned car twice a day!

  1. Yep – couldn’t agree more! I took some fantastic sunset shots in my hometown in New Zealand over the holidays. Best I’ve taken in a while. Must be something about being “home” that brings them out to help us celebrate. Happy New Year!

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