Six Word Saturday: Meeting Dr Karl

Six Word Saturday:

Met one of my heroes today.

It’s been a roller coaster of a week. I’m sure you saw the news and I don’t want to blog about what is going on in the world because there are plenty of others doing that already, but honestly it was a pretty bad week in that sense. Work also had some ups and downs but we’ve finished for the summer holidays now so that is definitely a good thing. It has been such a crazy week that I totally forgot to post yesterday.

You might remember that last Saturday I was battling with technology in order to secure a Skype session with a popular media personality and my class. I didn’t want to give away too many details in case it all went pear shaped but it didn’t and everything was grand. I also got to meet the brilliant Dr Karl myself at a book signing today, which was super exciting, so all is right in my world again.

Happy Saturday everyone and have a fun and safe Christmas.


9 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Meeting Dr Karl

  1. Thank you for introducing me to someone new to me, Dr Karl. The world sure is a wonderful place and your blog always makes me aware of that. Now, I will find out more about him and his life and his books. Thanks again.

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