Six Word Saturday: Solving Computer Problems

Six Word Saturday:

Frustrating week of computer problems: solved!

Problem And Solution Computer Keys

“Problem And Solution Computer Keys” by Stuart Miles /

One of my students was in the right place at the right time and was offered a free Skype session for the class with a popular media personality. Being such a unique opportunity I did everything I could to make it happen but ran into some technical difficulties along the way. I spent several hours in front of the computer trying different options but there was simply no way that I could get Skype working on the school computers. My other half came up with a simple solution, just tether my laptop through my phone and it solved the problem. I’m really looking forward to the Skype session on Tuesday now.

Happy Saturday everyone!


22 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Solving Computer Problems

  1. We use Skype all of the time to keep in touch with my Mother who is in a retirement home 5 hours away. When we travel we find that Skype won’t work because it requires a very large bandwidth which some places just can’t accomadate.

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