Six Word Saturday: Christmas Party

Six Word Saturday:

First Christmas party of the season.


“Party Disco Shows Celebrations Fun And Discotheque” by Stuart Miles /

The season of Christmas parties has begun. Although I think that November is really too early to have a Christmas party, my other half went to a work one a week ago. My first one was last night, at the gym. It was great to actually meet and talk to some other ladies that I see at the gym sometimes, as well as meet some very interesting people who I would otherwise never meet as they are morning attendees and I go on my way home from work in the evenings. It was also good that a gym was able to host a party with some lovely healthy party food. I haven’t eaten so much fruit in a while but it was delicious and fresh.

Happy Saturday everyone!


14 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Christmas Party

    • I guess because it was the gym and they are promoting a healthy lifestyle. Looking back, I think it was actually good that their Christmas party was quite early in the month with so much healthy food to show everyone that it can be done

    • It was all tasty too Mlissabeth. There were chicken skewers, prawns with a dip, lots of vegie sticks with dip too and a very delicious frittata. The cheese was probably an indulgence though.

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