Six Word Saturday: Pedicure

Six Word Saturday:

Time to get my nails done.Feet on the beach

This is nowhere near a regular activity for me but a couple of months ago I bought a voucher for two manicure-pedicures, mostly to feel pretty while I was on holidays. Today I used the second part of the voucher in preparation for the school formal next week and it was lovely. During the pedicure part there is an enormous chair to sit in with feet placed in a little bath to be worked on, but the chair itself is on a repeating massage cycle which of course is not as good as a real massage but pretty good nonetheless. When I was almost done a lady came in with her young son and asked if he could experience a pedicure, without the nail varnish at the end, while she was having her nails done. Of course they obliged and watching his face change with each of the sensations was priceless.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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