Six Word Saturday: Marmalade

Six Word Saturday:

Can’t believe I never liked marmalade.lemon marmalade

I’ve become quite domestic in the past year, learning to cook sauce, jams and marmalades. My first ever batch of marmalade was not successful but I understand what I did wrong and have never over-cooked since. I’ve never been a fan of marmalade but now that I’ve made this batch of lemon marmalade I completely understand what it is all about. It was so good that I couldn’t wait until it had properly cooled down before wanting to eat it, and we didn’t have any bread to have it on so I had it on crackers instead.

Happy Saturday everyone!


16 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Marmalade

  1. I think marmalade is one of those things that you grow to love. I never liked it as a child but now if I have a choice between marmalade and any other jam I always choose marmalade.

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