Six Word Saturday: Flu

Six Word Saturday:

Worst flu I’ve had in ages.


“3d Virus” by cuteimage /

I had the flu vaccine this year as I do every year – I work with kids and exposure to every sort of virus is inevitable. About every second year I get a flu anyway, I know the flu shot is for only about the 4 most virulent strains predicted at the beginning of the season so I’m not blaming the shot but geez I really wish I didn’t get this flu. It started off with a little cough and feeling a bit tired then rapidly became full borne body aches for a couple of days, then I felt almost back to normal for a day or so then the next day a rapid decline again. It doesn’t help that this flu has also massively affected my asthma as well. It is a good thing that it is school holidays this week so I’ve not had to use up my sick leave, however I’ve had plenty of enforced rest and lots of time for reading. I’d really like to be healthy again though, now please!

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you are well!


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