Six Word Saturday: Good workout

Six Word Saturday:

Hardest exercise session in a while.

Women In Gym Center

“Women In Gym Center” by marin /

I try to exercise regularly, currently my favourite routines are Zumba classes and sessions at my local Curves gym. Today I tried a combination session of the two – Zumba at Curves – I was totally in my element but it was definitely the hardest workout session I’ve done in a while! The Zumba classes I go to are one hour and a normal Curves session is 30 minutes of alternating cardio and weight stations for 30 seconds a time. In today’s  Zumba at Curves class we did Zumba as the cardio which was fine, but the weight stations were over a minute at a time and we just kept going. It was fantastic fun and a great workout and I’ll go back again when I can.

Happy Saturday everyone!


25 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Good workout

  1. Sounds like a good day is coming, Georgia. Our fitness center has Zumba classes. I can’t do those because of my left knee. I have a joint there that I wasn’t born with. That one has been sawed off and replaced with titanium and plastic. For the last three weeks I have given up even golf as he knee got to acting up.

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