Six Word Saturday: Can’t plan my day

Six Word Saturday:

Many changes to my schedule today.Cordoba Clocks

I was going to either go to the gym or to Wing Chun training this morning, but missed both because I slept in, which I really needed so that wasn’t so bad. I had to collect something from the post office, then a friend suggested going to see a fair for the start of science week, which I thought I could stop in to see on my way to another commitment this afternoon. My other half would come with me, but then he had to do some work, so I was going to go to the science fair alone and come back before going out together tonight even though the traffic report looked terrible. Then the work didn’t take as long as he expected, and his sister was popping in to fetch something, then we had to factor in lunch somewhere there. It’s all a bit much, and why I prefer a quiet weekend when nothing happens at all.

Happy Saturday everyone!



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