Six Word Saturday: Honey is Home

Six Word Saturday:

My honey is home again and Jedd at the wedding

My other half has been traveling a bit for work over the past couple of weeks. He spent a week in another city and came home on Monday for about 35 hours then spent the rest of this week in New Zealand. While he is currently racking up the frequent flyer points I’m enjoying the big bed all to myself. This time he’s not heading off on another work adventure but to withdraw from the world for a couple of days of fresh air at the farm, essentially our second home. It is nice that he is closer to home anyway.

Happy Saturday everyone!


38 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Honey is Home

  1. Happy Saturday Georgia !
    What a lovely sparkling picture of you both ..
    Enjoy time down on the farm relaxing … oh and maybe planning where in the world those FFlyer miles will take you in the future 🙂

  2. Yeah, My Beloved Sandra’s away for a couple weeks, too. Family stuff at the beach. I don’t do beaches. I sit on the deck here in the mountains & attempt to enjoy the solitude. But the bed’s too big & I always have insomnia when she’s away.

  3. Oh my…enjoy your time together! I have been there done that, when my hubby traveled for work a lot. But he is retired now…and always with me! (And I love him being with me!) That day will come for you too!
    Happy Saturday

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