Six Word Saturday: Magical party

Six Word Saturday:

I’m going to be Severus as Severus Snape

OK so I can’t do the snarly face.

My friend is having a “magical” birthday party tonight, I think the magical theme came about because she says she is turning 39 again. We are supposed to dress up to fit the theme, and of course everything Harry Potter popped into my mind immediately. After a little thought I decided to be Severus Snape – I was due to colour my hair anyway so I went with black for a change and it’s easy for me to dress in all black. I also had a lot of fun knitting up my sparkly Slytherin scarf for the evening.

Happy Saturday everyone!


31 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Magical party

  1. We’ve been doing birthday themes here too, especially for the young little super-heroes and I’ve often been a Pirate-Princess! Enjoy your celebrations.

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