Six Word Saturday: End of Term

Six Word Saturday:

We made it through first term!

orange rose

My it has been a long term, and as my first term back at full time work in Australia it felt especially long – having come from the UK last year where we usually had only 6-8 weeks at a time between breaks. Please excuse me while I go and smell the roses for a bit.

Happy Saturday everyone!


38 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: End of Term

      • It’s just what you are used to. I remember in the old days we used to have even longer terms – 14 weeks, without a half-term break. I don’t actually remember what we were like towards the end of term but I imagine it was pretty ratty.

  1. Congratulations!!!

    — In Japan, where I live, the new school year has just begun. When I was teaching at a high school, April was the most hectic month in the year.–

    Have a relaxing weekend.

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