Six Word Saturday: Adventure Camp

Six Word Saturday:

Would you jump from eight metres?super drop

I spent three days this week at an adventure camp with most of Year 7. They had loads of activities, like rope climbing, canoeing, raft building and a mud challenge. Some activities I didn’t do because I knew there wouldn’t be enough time for all of the kids to get a turn, some I didn’t do because it was about their teamwork and solving a problem together, some I didn’t do simply because I didn’t want to. But when I came to the super drop, I knew there would be enough time for everyone to have a turn, and when the kids wanted me to go first I said yes. When I got to the top I almost changed my mind but that is not what an adventure camp is about, is it? Plus it was completely safe, the harness and attachment wasn’t going to let me fall that fast and we’d already been through how to land. It was fun, but scary at the same time. I’m glad I did it.

Happy Saturday everyone!


19 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Adventure Camp

  1. I think my answer might be no, but I would have joined in with some of the other things as long as all the children had had a turn. I’ve been on two adventure camps similar to yours, but with children a year younger, and had a go at a few things.

  2. Not much of an adventure, what with all those harnesses and cables now, is it? I think if the guys at the top told everyone up front, “At least one of you won’t really be hooked up to the cable.” Now that would be an adventure!

  3. You are so right! Good for you. Far too often we miss out on thrilling and excitingly fun stuff just by being afraid to do it. We fall into the same old traps instead of being daring! Kind of what my six words is all about.

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