Six Word Saturday: Opal Card

Six Word Saturday:

Got my Opal card mailed out.

opal card

In my opinion it has been a long time coming but Sydney is finally driving into the 21st century with electronic travel passes. It is still in the roll out stage, and will be for another year or more, but luckily our train line was one of the first to come online. I’m excited that I’ve just received my electronic ticket in the post.

Happy Saturday everyone!


35 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Opal Card

  1. I live in a small country town, but discovered the Melbourne version of these things when I was there over xmas. (I have already forgotten what theirs is called.) I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

    • It is supposed to be cheaper than buying single fares and there are daily and weekly travel caps which is good. This card is only for public transport within Sydney but yes train travel across the country is possible – 4 days between Sydney and Perth or 3 days between Adelaide and Darwin each way.

  2. Congratulations. I loved the rail system in the Nederland’s. I am not used to it and it was so efficient!

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