Share Your World – 2014 Week 6

It seems Cee has winter on her mind again this week, but this time almost entirely focused on the winter Olympics.

Have you watched or plan to watch any of the 2014 Winter Olympics? No I haven’t watched any, mostly because we don’t own a television and even if we did have a television it would all be showing overnight as I’m in the southern hemisphere. Also, I’m not terribly interested I guess.

What is your favorite winter Olympic event? Would you ever want to be an expert in that sport? After Googling for a list of winter Olympic sports I’ve decided that ski jumping would be my favourite event to watch although I would never ever try it – flying through the air at that speed looks absolutely terrifying to me.

Have you ever met an Olympic Athlete? I think so. I used to go out with someone who played (field) hockey and was reasonably good at it, but trained with people who took the sport very seriously and I think some of those people got picked for the Olympic hockey team. I may have met them or at least seen them play at our local level.

Do you have a favorite athlete? Name sport. No but the first name that comes to mind is Andy Murray for winning the Wimbledon tennis championship.

What is your favorite exercise or sport? Is there a reason why? I really love doing Zumba because it is fun and dancing around to the music always lifts my mood even if I’m uncoordinated. I’m also loving a stash of quick workouts I’ve found on the Women’s Health magazine website because I can fit in a 5 minute workout every morning before going to work and feel virtuous every day for exercising 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2014 Week 6

  1. Lived in Canada for a number of years and developed keen interest in most winter sports. Currently watching and enjoying all the games without much interruption(commercials). It is my opinion that the Olympic games are only 2 weeks out of every 4 years; they are worth catching.

    this was a good question to ask!

  2. I agree with you–if I’m in the air, I want a lot more besides skis! I watch them fly off the ramp and do all those flips in the air, but I think, you’ve got to come back to the ground sometime!

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