Share Your World – 2014 Week 5

If you had a choice to live anywhere would be your preference salt water beaches, forest, fresh water lakes, hot tub, ski resort or desert? I think living near water is so calming but I’m not really a beach person so I choose fresh water lakes.

What was your favorite toy as a child  . . . and now? When I was little I had a Monchhichi doll that I completely wore out with love. Now I think my favourite toy is my camera.

Which do you prefer sweet, salty or both at the same time? Definitely sweet, but not too sweet. I tried salted caramel for the first time last year and it was pretty amazing but not yet my favourite. If I’m in a savoury mood I’m more like to go for salty than non salty goodies.

Would you prefer snowy winters, or not, and why? I didn’t grow up with snowy winters so they are still a novelty for me and I’d prefer snow to boring old rain. I have never had to deal with so much snow that you can’t do anything and have to shovel it away and I know that there are many reasons people don’t like the snow, but I love it.

snow day

Image by Jedd

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