Six Word Saturday: A little bit crazy

Six Word Saturday:

Plans interrupted, no time to procrastinate.

Merchant's Store

The Merchant’s Store installation at Darling Harbour, part of Sydney Festival 2014

A week ago I had very few plans for the week that has just finished, so I intended to do loads of preparation for the start of the school year next Tuesday. I should’ve known not to rely on my plans while life may get in the way.

All of a sudden I got busy and didn’t get anywhere near as much work done as I’d hoped, due to various reasons: I had to visit the optometrist to pick up my new contact lens then go back the next day to have it checked, see the osteopath twice to deal with a stiff neck causing me huge headaches, a follow-up eye hospital appointment with unusually long waiting times meant rescheduling lunch with a friend to the next day, and unpredicted errands needed to be completed before the end of the week. So I haven’t even had time to procrastinate about my school work and guess what I’m doing this long weekend?!

I did get to the see the above installation before it ended though, which I was pleased about. Can you work it out?

Happy Saturday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: A little bit crazy

    • Yes, you got it in one Gilly! It is actually a 3D installation on the ground with a huge mirror so that it looks like the people on the ground in the installation were hanging about on the store-front. Very cool!

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