Share Your World – 2013 Week 44

Ooh, Cee has gone for a new format this week – in the style of a game called ‘Would you rather…?’. Cee says the questions are supposed to be answered quickly so I’ll try not to think about them too much.wouldyourather

  1. Always have the sun in your eyes, while driving no matter where you go -OR-have to use your heater, full blast, in the summer and AC, full blast in the winter (also while driving)?  Heater and AC – I wouldn’t be a very safe driver with my eyes closed because of the sun but I hope that I can open the windows at least to moderate the extreme temperatures in the car.
  2. Be able to go forward in time on 3 different occasions in your life – OR- go back in time once?  Go back – I’m happy for the future to surprise me as it comes along.
  3. Be considered annoying -OR- boring?  Boring – initially I thought annoying because it sounds more interesting than being boring but then I realised that I really don’t want to be known as the annoying person so boring it is.
  4. Be the last-ranked person in an accelerated high school class -OR- the first-ranked person in a decelerated high school class?  Last ranked in an accelerated class – So long as I know that this is the deal and don’t get depressed over being the dummy in the class, I think it would push me to keep up with everyone else and learn more. 
  5. Drive 100 miles on a freeway with speed bumps every ½ mile -OR- drive 100 miles on a freeway that is completely covered with those little reflective lane dividers?  Speed bumps – see answer 1 about not being able to see while driving.
  6. Find out the house you just bought sits on top of an earthquake fault -OR- an top of an old burial ground?  Burial ground – the possibility of falling into a fault in the earth during an earthquake scares me to bits. And ghosts aren’t real so they don’t scare me at all.
  7. Have an itch in the middle of your back at all times -OR- an eyelash in your eye all the time?  Itch – I’ve had and itch in the middle of my back since reading this question (since getting some mosquito bites on the weekend actually) but I’m able to block it out of my mind from time to time. I’ve also had stitches in my eye which feel a lot like eyelashes stuck in your eye, it really isn’t comfortable and can’t be blocked out of your mind.
  8. Have your picture be on the one dollar bill – OR – on the cover of every magazine and newspaper once?  One dollar bill – I hope that whatever amazing scientific discovery I’ve made is worth remembering.
  9. Never again be able to make a right-hand turn while driving -OR- never again be able to go more than 3 blocks straight in a row while driving in your town?  3 blocks straight – I need to be able to turn right to be able to get home so I don’t really have a choice here.
  10. See everything in slow-motion -OR- see everything at double speed?  Slow motion – to have time to absorb everything and enjoy it.

Which would you choose in each case?

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