Travel Theme: Fragrant

Years ago when I started my first professional job after being a student for way too long there was an enormous Jacaranda tree in the driveway to the office. We dreaded this time of year when all the purple flowers dropped on the ground and we still had some spring-time rain making the walk in and out of the office dangerously slippery. Fewer coffees from the coffee shop across the road were consumed at this time of year as a result.

I have a new appreciation for Jacaranda trees now, especially when I see a few in a row lining the road on my way home. These trees look amazing in full bloom, and the season for them is right now.

Last weekend when we took our road trip to Parkes there were several streets lined on both sides with Jacaranda trees and there was a deliciously sweet fragrance in the warm air. According to Wikipedia the name Jacaranda means fragrant in Guarani, making it a perfect subject for this week’s travel theme.

tree lined street

Jacaranda trees line the streets of Parkes NSW


11 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Fragrant

  1. What a really pretty avenue Georgia – those trees make quite an impact with that lovely lilac colour …. I shall have to try and imagine the fragrance 😉

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