Six Word Saturday: Reading

Six Word Saturday:

Reading a book for a change.reading a book

It’s not that I don’t read, it’s just that I usually read from my e-reader rather than an actual book.

There is a story to this: moving back to Sydney, most of my friends are busy and I don’t have a regular job so I was looking around for ways to meet people. A couple of book clubs flew into my radar so I thought I should make an effort and actually read the books they want to discuss at their next meetings. But as we STILL don’t have our internet connected (can you believe it?!) I didn’t look for an electronic version but promptly joined the local library. Unfortunately all the copies of the books I wanted were already checked out so I went to a bookstore (yes a few still exist) to get this book. I’m really enjoying it. I’ve only been reading it since Wednesday and I’m already one third of the way through it, it is so easy to read.

Happy Saturday everyone, but I hope you understand if I’m still not visiting your blog very often at the moment – hopefully we’ll be getting our internet connected later this week.



11 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Reading

  1. Georgia–thanks for visiting my daily poetry site. It prompted me to return the visit and the first thing I saw on your gorgeous site was this book cover. I loved this book, and keep recommending it to people who read a couple chapters and don’t care for it! Did you finish? What did you think? No pressure, but did you maybe love it?

    • Thanks so much for visiting! Actually I’m still reading it, I’m a slow reader but I’m about 3/4 of the way through it now and still thoroughly enjoying it.

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