Six Word Saturday: Reunited

Six Word Saturday:

Reunited with our stuff at last.


Our 21 boxes shipped from the UK

If you remember a few weeks ago we went looking at flats upon our return to Sydney after five years of living in London. We were quite fortuitous in being able to secure the one flat we liked and had the keys within a week but were unable to move in without a bed to sleep in. After that we didn’t move in because one day when we brought some of our stuff over we noticed a gas leak. And then we didn’t move in because we still didn’t have our bed. Eventually the mattress arrived so we slept on that on the floor, the base was lost in transit for a few more days but is also here now.

Then all of our boxes shipped over from the UK arrived, almost 12 weeks after we put it all on a truck back in London. So now the unpacking begins. The best thing is that I get to wear different clothes now, rather than only being able to choose from what I brought over with me on the plane.

Happy Saturday everyone, but I hope you understand if I’m not visiting your blog very often at the moment.



7 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Reunited

  1. Hooray for the arrival of boxes!! Happy unpacking and cosying in … Take it easy! Hope you enjoy being reunited with all those bits and pieces that will make your house a home. X

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