Six Word Saturday: Surprising

Six Word Saturday:

A surprising week, good and bad.bushfire skybushfire sky

i was working that day so was out of the loop and didn’t realise at the time how many bushfires were causing this giant ash cloud over Sydney. A lot of them are still burning – check out these amazing photos on Buzzfeed.Craft beer festival

I must have seen some advertising somewhere so I was aware that it was coming up but I didn’t realise that this Craft Beer Festival was so local until we almost walked straight past it today. However, we didn’t walk past but went inside to check it out instead. I have no taste for beer but thankfully there were also some lovely ciders available for tasting and we had a pretty delicious gourmet sausage sizzle for lunch too.

Happy Saturday everyone!


10 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Surprising

  1. I like your 6WS for today… hope there was more good than bad though!
    I keep seeing the impressive photos of the bush fires in Sydney. It’s pretty scary. I hate it how so many are set :/
    Your lunch outing looks wonderful and sunny. I would have loved to join… here it’s very grey today! Have a happy weekend!

    • For me personally there is more good than bad but unfortunately a lot of people have lost their homes and everything they own in the current bushfires, which is distressing.
      Yes lunch was nice, we could’ve spent a lot longer there 😉

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