Six Word Saturday: New Keys

Six Word Saturday:

Got keys for our new home.

red and blue mural

Street Art

Last Saturday we spent the day visiting a bunch of flats available for rent. The timing was very good for us as not many other people seemed to be out looking as well, surprising as the last time we were looking for somewhere to rent in Sydney there were queues to get into each flat we saw. This time, it was a long weekend in our state so many people would’ve taken the opportunity to go away. It was also the International Fleet Review on Sydney Harbour so many people were probably distracted by seeing the boats. In any case everything has worked out great because there was just one flat that we really liked and we got it!

As exciting as it was to pick up the keys yesterday, we can’t move in just yet. The main reason is that we don’t have a bed at the moment. Our car should be available at the end of this week when we’ll be able to fetch some of our gear that has been in storage. Hopefully all our stuff that we packed up in London and put on a boat 2 months ago will be arriving this week too, but that may take a little longer.

Happy Saturday everyone!


26 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: New Keys

  1. Congratulations; hope the move is smooth and you enjoy your new home. Also hope you’re not too badly affected by the bushfire smoke at the moment. It’s so heartbreaking to watch. Hugs from across the pond.

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