Alastair’s Photo Fiction: The Pigeons

I haven’t  played along with Alastair’s Photo Fiction for ages but this week’s photo caught my eye and I thought I could have some fun with it.

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Image by Alastair

Image by Alastair

Nigel just couldn’t stop staring at it, as though he was mesmerised by the very sight of it.

‘What is it?’ asked Steve, not willing to get too close yet.

Tommy turned to Steve as he started to explain. ‘Harry the Ibis told me about it’.

Tommy’s eyes grew with excitement ‘He said we need all three of us to put our beaks into a square at exactly the same time’.

‘Uh-huh’ Steve feigned interest whilst taking a step backwards.

‘Harry says it will be difficult because we are pigeons but it will be worth it because it’s what he did to become a bigger bird’ Tommy was almost jumping up and down with excitement.

‘You know he’s lying don’t you?’ Steve knew of Harry the Ibis and his trickery. He was probably watching them to see if the trio would fall for his scam.

‘No, no. He’s not!’ Tommy had clearly forgotten all of the other tricks that Harry had played on them.

‘Just do it, will you?’


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