Travel Theme: Hidden

Last weekend I went to see a Cantonese Opera for the first time. The extraordinary makeup means that the identify of each actor is mostly hidden. Also, although I can understand more Cantonese than I can speak, I couldn’t understand any of it sung so the meaning of the opera was almost totally hidden from me.Cantonese Opera

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16 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Hidden

    • Thanks Poppy! These performers are good friends of my dad’s and they do a performance each year so if I’m in town again when they are performing I’d go but I won’t go out of my way to find another performance to see 😉

  1. I went to an opera once that I could not understand. By the middle, I was making up meanings in my head…..I was giggling so hard to myself. Yup, I can entertain myself easily. Beautiful shot, Sweet Friend! 😀

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